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In accordance with the regulations in force in French Polynesia, before starting our tour, we will give you a short briefing to explain the details of the tour but mostly  to mention the safety rules to which any jet-ski driver is subject.

And we will ask you to fill out a so-called "contract form" specifying that you undertake to respect them.

(Raiatea Jet reserves the right to suspend the rental without the possibility of reimbursement of the service in the event of non-compliance with the guide's instructions and disclaims all liability in the event of loss or damage to personal effects) 

We have at your disposal some masks and snorkels. But, in every jet-ski,  there is a large chest where you can easily store yours if you have any. On the other hand, we advise against the use of flippers, which are not really useful and above all, dangerous for such fragile corals.

On full-day tours, we stop at a motu for a relaxed picnic break on a beach. We offer snacks and local fruits, and of course fresh water and fruit juices. In case of allergy or specific diet, please let us know when booking.

Only on the tour of Raiatea, we can stop for a more refined lunch at the Opoa Beach hotel in the South East of the island. Count around 3500 XPF per person.

During the tour, we take photos that we will send to your email address by We Transfer in the days following the tour.

Without specific refusal on your part, we also publish them on social networks (without mentioning the names). Follow us on Facebook to see them


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